A hands-on, multilevel elementary science series that introduces scientific concepts using history as its guide. As the students learn about these scientific concepts, they are constantly reminded of the Creator who fashioned the marvels they are studying.

K-6 Dr. Wile's Elementary Series (multi-level, any book for any elementary grade) 

  Science in the Beginning
  Science in the Ancient World
  Science in the Scientific Revolution
  Science in the Age of Reason
  Science in the Industrial Age

Grades 7 - 12 Are you unsure which level of science course is right for your student in junior & senior high? A student's mathematics level a the key factor for his or her success or failure in the high school sciences. Make sure that your child is well prepared mathematically for the science course he or she will take, you will have gone a long way toward assuring your student's academic success.

7th Grade

Science in the Atomic Age

Science in the Atomic Age None
8th Grade Discovering Design with Earth Science ** Discovering Design with Earth Science ** 7th Grade Math

Discovering Design with Biology *

Discovering Design with Biology None

Discovering Design with Chemistry*

Discovering Design with Chemistry Algebra I
Junior Discovering Design with Physics* Discovering Design with Physics Algebra I, Geometry, basic Trigonometry functions
Senior  Special Order Advanced Biology or None
    Marine Biology None