Bethlehem Press

Are you looking for quality literature for your child to read that involve good character, historical figures, and are exciting to read? Bethlehem Books are sure to stimulate you and your child's interest in history. Try adding them to your history timeline. Each book has a date to help you place them in historical context.

Historical fiction has to be my favourite way to learn about the past. Set in a time period with influential people of the era but with a fictional character to make the story come alive, historical fiction has all the elements of an exciting adventure. Bethlehem Press specializes in historical fiction stories that make the time periods jump off the page as they tell the tales of the people who make up our past. Travel back in time with Archimedes and the Door of Science, Galen and the Gateway to Medicine, Victory on the Walls and others. Discover the Vikings in The Story of Rolf and the Viking Bow and Beorn the Proud. Read about heroes in World War II in The Winged Watchman.