Can gifts be fun and educational? Yes! We are always adding Science Kits, & Building Kits to this section for you to choose from. Children love a challenge when it is within their grasp and these kits provide just that.
The ever popular KEVA kits continue to inspire creativity in young builders. Check out the KEVA Maker Bot Maze and Keva Connect sets as well as the Contraption series.
Thames & Kosmos has added more new kits as well. Kits are available for physics, chemistry, solar, remote machines, engineering, and so much more to choose from. If your child is interested in science, there is most likely a kit he/she would be interested in.
Blinky Lights Kits are awesome and Canadian! Using real-world parts, and ample instruction, children learn about voltage and current by using LEDs, resistors, capacitors and transistors.
And don't forget a quality microscope for the older student who finds Biology intriguing, or a pocket scope you can easily tuck into a knapsack or a pocket for a young child who likes to get up close and examine nature.