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Heroes of History: Davy Crockett - Ever Westward

Heroes of History: Davy Crockett - Ever Westward
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Heroes of History
Davy Crockett: Ever Westward

Growing up in Greene County, Tennessee, Davy Crockett's education came from the toil of hard labor. Working as a farm hand and wagon driver, he learned about the people and the land of the West -- and he was captivated. The untamed wilderness, the sound of wild animals, and the roar of the river would be his destiny.

One of America's best-known folk heroes, Crockett served as a frontiersman, a scout, a soldier, and a politician in the U.S. Congress. He died defending the Alamo, a steadfast citizen and heroic leader to the very end.

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Author Benge, Janet & Geoff
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