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Essentials in Literature 7 Combo (DVDs + Workbook)

Essentials in Literature 7 Combo (DVDs + Workbook)
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Brand/Publisher: Essentials in Writing
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Essentials in Literature Level 7

Analyzing fiction, nonfiction, novels, and poetry/figurative language.

Includes everything you need:
- Student Text/Workbook
- Novel
- Teacher Handbook
- DVDs with video instruction

Essentials in Literature is a video based literary analysis program.

Essentials in Literature is a literary analysis curriculum that features a student textbook/workbook combination with video instruction, from teacher Matthew Stephens, presented on DVD over four units: fiction, nonfiction, novel, figurative language/poetry.

Literary analysis occurs across the curriculum by exploring short stories in the fiction unit. Short works of nonfiction such as excerpts from biographies and autobiographies as well as informative articles, propaganda techniques, and narrative nonfiction are analyzed in the nonfiction unit. Figurative language and poetry are explored in the final unit following a six week novel study.

Using primarily short works to analyze poetry and prose allows students to focus on literary elements and active reading skills individually in short, easy lessons and activities; however, one long literary work is the subject of literary analysis within each level as well in order to ensure students are able to apply the same skills to longer works. Video lessons taught by teacher, Matthew Stephens are precise, to the point, and model literary analysis.

Each literary piece is explored through multiple before, while, and after you read activities over a series of five days. Story Assessments (Independent Practice) provide comprehension and application practice through a variety of assessment techniques included but not limited to multiple choice, matching, long answer, tabled literary analysis application, and written response.

Summative Assessments are the culminating activity for each individual unit with multiple choice, matching, short answer/fill in the blank, true/false, tabled literary analysis application, and written response assessment techniques.

Students are taught to analyze literature not only for its literary value but also as a way to connect with authors, characters, events, and places. Students will be challenged to become better readers, writers, and critical thinkers as they prepare for college and careers.


Unit 1: Fiction (Short Stories)
- Fiction unit terms and explanation
- 7 short stories (application)
- 1 summative assessment

Unit 2: Nonfiction (Short Literary Works)
- Nonfiction unit terms and explanation
- 6 nonfiction works (application)
- 1 summative assessment

Unit 3: Novel
- 1 Novel (literary analysis application)
- 1 summative assessment
- 1 character study project

Unit 4: Figurative Language/Poetry
- Figurative Language/Poetry Unit terms and explanation
- 5 units of up to 10 literary works (application)
- 1 summative assessment

Level 7 Student Text Sample

Grade 7 List of Literary Works

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Author Stephens, Matthew
Series Essentials in Writing
Grade Level Grade 7
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