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World War 2 History's 10 Most Incredible Women

World War 2 History's 10 Most Incredible Women
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The events of World War 2 are often associated with male endeavor, particularly in war books however extraordinarily brave and courageous women not only assisted their male counterparts but had played key roles that had ultimately contributed to the success of winning the war. This book provides a platform on which to remember those fearless, forgotten WW2 women, whose stories deserve to be told. Who were these courageous women who laid their lives on the line in WW2 history? 10 unbelievably brave and resolute heroic women prepared to face danger, spies such as: Virginia Hall Nancy Wake Vera Atkins As well as less celebrated heroines whose stories are rarely told, some of which were not typical military women, such as: Margaret Bourke-White - World War II photo journalist Elsie Ott- medical pioneer. Clare Philips - Entertainer and spy Aleda Lutz - Flight nurse who had logged 814 combat hours. Susan Travers - Member of the French Foreign Legion Eileen Nearne and Jacqueline Nearne - sisters assigned by the SOE to France Rose Valland - Art historian and member of the French resistance
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Format Softcover
Number of Pages 43 Pages
Brand/Publisher Createspace Independent Pub
Author McRae, Stephanie
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