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Well-Ordered Language Level 1B Student Text

Well-Ordered Language Level 1B Student Text
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Brand/Publisher: Classical Academic Press
SKU: 9781600512919
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A one-semester book for grades 3 or 4 and up

Children are naturally curious, and will find and collect such things as sticks, rocks, flowers, leaves, and fruit, arranging them, naming them, and making things out of them. They will even gather creatures such as butterflies and bugs with interest and delight.

What if the study of grammar could harness a child’s natural curiosity? What if it could be a source of delight to children? The Well-Ordered Language curriculum presents the study of language in a way that appeals to a child’s inborn curiosity and desire to collect, gather, and order. The curriculum presents grammar in a clear, orderly way, while simultaneously seeking to cultivate a child’s wonder of language by presenting instruction in the context of narrative and language, attractive illustrations, and samples taken from classic children’s literature and poetry.

Students will not merely be able to identify the parts of a sentence, but will understand how words behave in a sentence. As students see the components of language (the parts of speech) unfold before them throughout the Well-Ordered Language series, they will be able to apply their knowledge, gathering and arranging words to express their thoughts clearly and accurately.

The curriculum is designed so that teachers and students actively engage with each other and with the grammatical concepts in each lesson, using language skills—reading, writing, speaking, and listening—along with physical movement, songs, and chants. Through Well-Ordered Language’s unique, creative, and orderly method of analyzing the grammatical functions of the parts of speech, students will find the mastery of grammar achievable, meaningful, and delightful.

Well-Ordered Language Level 1B Student Text will introduce students to: -Object Pronouns
-Prepositional Phrases—Adverbial
-Introductory Prepositional Phrases
-Compound Subjects
-Compound Verbs
-Compound Direct Objects

Students will also do a comprehensive pronoun review in chapter 2.

Well-Ordered Language Full Series Scope & Sequence (PDF)

Well-Ordered Language Level 1B Suggested Schedule (PDF)

Well-Ordered Language Homeschooler's Guide (PDF)

Attribute name Attribute value
Number of Pages 244 Pages
Author Peters, Tammy & Coupland, Daniel B. PhD
Brand/Publisher Classical Academic Press
Series Well-Ordered Language
Grade Level Grade 3 to 4
Format Softcover
Home School Style Classical Education
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