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Mystery of History Volume 3: Renaissance, Reformation, and Growth of Nations Student Reader

Mystery of History Volume 3: Renaissance, Reformation, and Growth of Nations Student Reader
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Mystery of History Volume III - Renaissance, Reformation, and Growth of Nations (1455-1707)

The Mystery of History Volume III Student Reader provides a historically accurate, Christ-centered approach to the rich and provocative era of "The Renaissance, Reformation, and Growth of Nations."

Those who additionally use the Companion Guide (download code for digital Companion Guide included with Student Reader) will find enriching activities, timeline instructions, mapping work, memory cards, pretests, quizzes, worksheets, tests, literature suggestions, and more, structured for younger, middle, and older students.

Classical - with emphasis on the time-honoured contributions found in art, music, literature, science, and philosophy, the Mystery of History closely follows (but is not exclusive to) the Classical approach to education.

Chronological - The Mystery of History is a four-volume world history series that takes you around the globe through the study of chronological events.

Volume I: Creation to the Resurrection
Volume II: The Early Church and the Middle Ages
Volume III: The Renaissance, Reformation, and Growth of Nations
Volume IV: Revolutions to Rising Times (in progress)

Christian - The Mystery of History is distinctively written from a Christian world-view. Its engaging lessons are like fragments of a mosaic that, when put together, tell a story larger than world history. They point toward God's plan for mankind through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Complete - The Mystery of History, Volume III, Student Reader can stand alone as a history text for about 4th grade and up. For those who wish to delve deeper, the user-friendly Companion Guide (available in paperback or on CD) brings the lessons to life with multi-age activities, timeline work, geography exercises, literature lists, and more.

From the producers of Mystery of History:
After each and every lesson in The Mystery of History, students are given several optional “Activities” for Younger Students (K – 3rd), Middle Students (4th – 8th), and Older Students (9th – 12th) that will range from fun, hands-on crafts and games to stimulating research projects. While the entire family can read or listen to the same history lessons together (or individually on their own), what students will do with the lessons, or what they will absorb from the lessons, will vary widely by their maturity, skill level, and learning style.

Each Volume increases in difficulty through content, length, and reading level. This means that while Volume I starts at about a 3rd – 4th grade reading level, Volume II moves to a 5th – 6th grade reading level, Volume III advances to a 7th – 8th grade reading level, and Volume IV jumps to a 9th – 10th grade reading level. However, the lessons in Volume IV, which are longer in length and heavier in theme, will be too advanced for some children and will require some screening and skipping. Some families may in fact choose to reserve Volume IV for high school as a world history credit. Whenever you use Volume IV, parents and teachers can decide when to proceed and when to pull back on some of the more gruesome aspects of modern history. And for those who will have younger ones sitting in with older siblings (as is common in homeschooling), there are Younger and Middle Activities to keep students involved on an age appropriate level. As in all matters of parenting and teaching, please use discretion based on the needs and abilities of your students!

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Author Hobar, Linda Lacour
Series Mystery of History
Grade Level K to Grade 12
Timeline Renaissance & Reformation
Format Hardcover
Secular / Christian Christian Author
Number of Pages 441 Pages
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