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My Story: Viking Blood

My Story: Viking Blood
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Brand/Publisher: Scholastic
SKU: 9780545986656
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My Story - Viking Blood
Tor Scaldbane, Scandinavia 1008 AD

The battlefield was dark and muddy and was already strewn with the wounded and the dead. Looking at how many men I could see lying face down in the cold wet mud, it struck me that there would not be enough stories and songs in the whole world for them all to be remembered.

The noise was terrible. Metal swords hitting wooden shields, and swords hitting the metal of other swords. Men shouting to encourage their comrades, men shouting in pain, and worst of all, men calling out and being silenced forever as they died.

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Location Scandinavia
Age Level Ages 9+
Brand/Publisher Scholastic
Timeline Vikings
Series My Story
Author Donkin, Andrew
Format Softcover
Number of Pages 182 Pages
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