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Discovering Canada: The Defenders

Discovering Canada: The Defenders
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On June 18, 1812, the Americans declared war on Britain and attacked the nearest British target, Canada. Although outnumbered ten to one, Canadian volunteers in the War of 1812 successfully defeated their homes and towns from the skilled American armies. Who were these defenders – the men and women who saved Canada? Where did they fight their battles? What weapons did they use?

Learn history and have fun!

  • Learn how to tie knots
  • Make a soldier’s hat
  • Cook up a batch of 1812 chocolate fudge
  • And much, much more

Also available in French.

Attribute name Attribute value
Grade Level Grade 3 to 7
Location Canada
Brand/Publisher Fitzhenry & Whiteside Limited
Format Softcover
Timeline War of 1812
Series Discovering Canada
Illustrator Smith, A.G.
Copyright Copyright
Author Livesey, Robert
Number of Pages 90 Pages
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