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Basher Science: Engineering - The Riveting World of Buildings and Machines!

Engineering - The Riveting World of Buildings and Machines!
$12.95 CAD
Brand/Publisher: Kingfisher
SKU: 9780753473115
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How does a 3D printer work? What stops a skyscraper from falling over? Where does a smart phone store information?

Welcome to the world of engineering! Discover how the familiar machines and buildings in today's world are constructed, and how they function. How do scientists choose the right materials for the right job? Which scientific principles lie behind each machine or structure?

Basher's highly original books explain difficult scientific concepts in ingenious ways, making them tangible, understandable and even lovable. Chatty first-person text and stylish, contemporary character illustrations give a voice, personality, and story to each topic -- it's a truly brilliant way to communicate science.

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Number of Pages 128 Pages
Author Jackson, Tom
Brand/Publisher Kingfisher
Format Softcover
Illustrator Basher, Simon
Series Basher Science
Age Level Ages 10 to 14
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