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Adventures in Odyssey 04 Fun-damentals

Adventures in Odyssey 04 Fun-damentals
$37.50 CAD
Brand/Publisher: Focus on the Family
SKU: 9781589970731
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Puns, Parables and Perilous Predicaments Kids often sort out their questions about faith at Whit's End. Like the true story of an eccentric man who builds the world's biggest floating zoo — in faith. Or a daring trip through the "Gloomy Woods" that leads to a radical lesson about obedience. Or being arrested for something you didn't do as a result of the wrong company. The basic lessons learned (or sometimes relearned) are always fun and exciting!
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Format Audio CD
Brand/Publisher Focus on the Family
Age Level Ages 8 +
Series Adventures in Odyssey by Focus on the Family
Secular / Christian Christian Publisher
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