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Canadian Home Education Resources

Climate & Weather

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All About Earthquakes: Discovering How Earth Moves and Shakes
$10.95 CAD
All About Heat Waves & Droughts: Discovering Earth's Scorching Weather
$10.95 CAD
All About Hurricanes: Discovering Earth's Wildest Storms
$10.95 CAD
All About the Weather
$7.95 CAD
All About Tornadoes: Discovering Earth's Strongest Winds
$10.95 CAD
All About Wildfires: Discovering How They Spark, Burn, and Spread
$10.95 CAD
Can It Really Rain Frogs?
$14.95 CAD
Climate & Weather Experiment Kit
$54.95 CAD
Discovering Design with Earth Science Textbook
$78.95 CAD
Down Comes the Rain
$7.95 CAD
Draw Write Now 2 Christopher Columbus - Autumn Harvest - Weather
$19.95 CAD
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