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Canadian Home Education Resources

History and Geography Games

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Around the World
$40.95 CAD
Earth: the Blue Marble 36" Inflatable Globe Z
$77.95 CAD
Explore Canada: A Game of Who, Where, and What! (bilingual)
$24.95 CAD
Flag Frenzy!
$18.95 CAD
GeoBingo: USA
$21.95 CAD
GeoBingo: World
$25.95 CAD
GeoCards: World
$18.95 CAD
GeoPuzzle: Africa & the Middle East
$26.95 CAD
GeoPuzzle: Asia
$26.95 CAD
GeoPuzzle: Europe
$26.95 CAD
GeoPuzzle: Latin America
$26.95 CAD
GeoPuzzle: USA & Canada
$26.95 CAD
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