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Canadian Home Education Resources

Preschool and Kindergarten Activities

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All Ready for Kindergarten Readiness Kit
$46.95 CAD
All Ready for Preschool Readiness Kit
$45.95 CAD
Magnetic Letters
$39.95 CAD
My Magnetic Daily Calendar
$30.95 CAD
Shaped Memory Match Cat Donuts
$16.95 CAD
Shaped Memory Match Tropical Frogs
$16.95 CAD
Aesop's Fables Coloring Book
$6.95 CAD
Airplanes Stickers
$2.95 CAD
All Ready for Toddler Time Readiness Kit
$45.95 CAD
Baby Puzzle - Farm Animals
$14.95 CAD
Baby Puzzle - Vehicles
$14.95 CAD
Building Thinking Skills Beginning
$35.95 CAD
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