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Order your Live Painted Lady Butterflies in March 2022!


Bookmark this page and watch our website for links to order your butterflies in Spring 2022

Have you ever wondered at the beauty and majesty of a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis? Now you can watch the cycle in your own home. Each Butterfly Kit comes with clear instructions, feeding information, nutrient diet, and larvae in a caterpillar cup. Live Painted Lady Butterflies are a great spring project. Watch as the butterfly larvae grow through their stages to full-grown butterflies.

There will be two kit sizes available in 2022: the Live Painted Lady Butterfly Expanded Rearing Kit or the Live Painted Lady Butterfly Classroom Kit. The Live Painted Lady Butterfly Rearing Kit & Live Painted Lady Butterfly Life Cycle Kit have been discontinued at CHER, BUT don't despair! We are excited to have added a new kit in 2021 - the Live Painted Lady Butterfly Expanded Rearing Kit. For just $1. more, this kit has 8 to 10 larvae, instead of the 3 to 5 from the original Rearing Kit.

Plan to order your butterflies on a different order than your other items as these live critters must be shipped separately. (Pro Tip - you can create your book/materials order, like your Butterfly Bungalow by Geosafari® Jr., on your wish list while you place your butterfly order and then place a second order with your items). For the safety of these little critters, we handle their orders and shipments apart from item orders.

Note shipping & handling charges specific to Live Painted Lady Butterflies and your region do apply. You can arrange for curbside pickup if you are in the Calgary area. We can only ship Painted Lady Butterflies within Canada.


Butterflies are not eligible for promo codes.


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.Live Painted Lady Butterfly Classroom Kit
$86.50 CAD
.Live Painted Lady Butterfly Expanded Rearing Kit
$31.95 CAD
National Audubon Society Pocket Guide: Familiar Butterflies of North America
$20.95 CAD
Winged Wonders
$23.95 CAD
Butterfly Bungalow by Geosafari® Jr.
$29.95 CAD
All About Butterflies & Caterpillars
$19.95 CAD
Amazing Insects Grade 4-6
$19.95 CAD
Amazing Life Cycle of Butterflies
$14.95 CAD
Are You a Butterfly?
$10.95 CAD
Beautiful Bugs K-Grade 1
$19.95 CAD
Bugs, Bugs, & More Bugs Grade 2-3
$19.95 CAD
Butterflies 500 Piece Puzzle
$18.50 CAD
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