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All About Reading and All About Spelling from All About Learning Press have been helping children gain confidence, enjoy learning, and learn to read - and read well. Marie Rippel shares her unique and thorough understanding of Phonics and the English language while giving parents the concepts and confidence to teach well.

I was pleasantly surprised when I delved deeper into the All About Learning materials that there were concepts I would have benefitted from if they had been taught when I was learning to read and spell. Marie Rippel takes the uncertainty out of the English language and shows both parent and child how to understand the complexities with ease.

Almost all of All About Learning materials are available through the CHER website for our Canadian customers. Your order will be in Canadian funds, shipped from a Canadian company located in Canada. No extra US shipping rates, brokerage fee, or dollar conversion rates to worry about.


The Letter Tiles App is nice to have but is not necessary. You can use the letter tiles, magnets for letter tiles, and phonogram sounds app in the Reading or Spelling Interactive Kit. If you choose the Letter Tiles App, you will need to add the All About Reading Divider Cards or the All About Spelling Divider Cards.

The Letter Tiles App can not be purchased directly from CHER in Canadian dollars. You can, however, use the link below to order directly from the All About Learning website. The price will be in US funds, but because it is a download, there will be no extra brokerage or shipping fees.


Letter Tiles App


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All About Homophones
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All About Reading Level 1 Materials Kit Color Edition
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All About Reading Level 2 Materials Kit Color Edition
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All About Reading Level 3 Materials Kit Color Edition
$194.95 CAD
All About Reading Level 4 Materials Kit Color Edition
$194.95 CAD
All About Reading Pre-Reading Basic Kit
$123.95 CAD
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