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Canadian Home Education Resources

Computer Science

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Coding (Real World Math)
$10.95 CAD
How to Code: Step-by-Step Guide to Computer Coding
$19.95 CAD
Kids First Coding & Robotics
$181.95 CAD
New Programmers Start Here: Introduction to Computer Programming Using JavaScript
$45.95 CAD
Robotics: Smart Machines - Rovers & Vehicles
$188.95 CAD
Botley the Coding Robot
$71.95 CAD
Code Gamer
$237.95 CAD
Coding Critters: Ranger & Zip
$55.95 CAD
Coding Critters: Rumble & Bumble
$55.95 CAD
Computer Science Pure & Simple, Combined: Fun Programming for Homeschoolers
$72.95 CAD
Get Coding!: Learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript
$31.95 CAD
Robotics: Smart Machines - Tracks & Treads
$188.95 CAD
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