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Canadian Home Education Resources

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. History of the Horse Deluxe Bundle
$312.36 CAD $328.80 CAD
1 2 3 Come Count with Me Cloth Book
$14.95 CAD
102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum Z
$16.98 CAD $33.95 CAD
12 Days of Christmas: The Story Behind a Favorite Christmas Song
$9.95 CAD
20 Princess Magnets
$13.95 CAD
25 Handel Favorites
$2.56 CAD $10.25 CAD
401 Ways to Get Your Kid to Work at Home
$25.95 CAD
5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn't Quit
$23.95 CAD
ABC Bunny, The
$20.50 CAD
Abraham - Holding Fast to the Will of God Z
$15.26 CAD $16.95 CAD
Accidental Detectives: Legend of the Gilded Saber
$5.95 CAD
Active Baby, Healthy Brain Z
$17.50 CAD
$14.95 CAD
Addition and Subtraction 1-10 Z
$7.95 CAD
Adele Bloch-Bauer 1000 Piece Puzzle
$22.95 CAD
ADHD Autism Connection
$22.50 CAD
Adventures in Odyssey 58 The Ties that Bind
$37.50 CAD
Adventures in Odyssey 59 Taking the Plunge
$20.50 CAD
Adventures in Odyssey 60 Head Over Heals
$20.50 CAD
Adventures in Odyssey: Candid Conversations with Connie Volume 1 Girl's Guide
$12.95 CAD
Adventures in Odyssey: Ultimate Road Trip Family Vacation Collection
$25.95 CAD
Age of Opportunity
$19.50 CAD
$25.95 CAD
Alexander Graham Bell
$5.95 CAD
All About Spelling Starter Bundle
$75.45 CAD
All Things Bright and Beautiful Z
$14.25 CAD
Amazing Grace in the Life of William Wilberforce
$15.95 CAD
Amazing Life Cycle of Butterflies
$14.95 CAD
Ambush in the Foothills
$10.95 CAD
American Girl Julie 1974 3-Book Box Set
$39.95 CAD
American Girl: Julie's Journey Z
$6.75 CAD $7.50 CAD
America's Providential History Z
$18.86 CAD $20.95 CAD
Amish Alphabet
$17.95 CAD
And Then What Happened Paul Revere?
$9.50 CAD
Angel and the Cross
$8.75 CAD
Angel and the Ring
$8.75 CAD
Anne of Green Gables Complete Set
$62.50 CAD
Anne of Green Gables Library - 4 Book Set
$41.50 CAD
Anne of Ingleside (Special Collector's Edition)
$8.95 CAD
Annotated Arch: A Crash Course in the History of Architecture
$26.95 CAD
Annotated Mona Lisa
$29.95 CAD
Answering Jihad A Better Way Forward
$17.55 CAD $19.50 CAD
Ant Colony - A Cooperative Tunnel Building Game
$19.95 CAD
Apologia Advanced Chemistry In Creation Solution Manual Ed 2
$29.95 CAD
Apologia Exploring Creation with Astronomy Bundle
$271.51 CAD $285.80 CAD
Apologia Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics Bundle
$299.11 CAD $314.85 CAD
Apologia Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology Bundle
$299.01 CAD $314.75 CAD
Apologia Exploring Creation with Zoology 1 Bundle
$280.06 CAD $294.80 CAD
Apologia Exploring Creation with Zoology 2 Bundle
$256.31 CAD $269.80 CAD
Apologia Exploring Creation with Zoology 3 Bundle
$270.56 CAD $284.80 CAD
Apologia Exploring Creation with General Science 3rd Edition Bundle
$388.31 CAD $408.75 CAD
Apologia Exploring Creation with Zoology 1 MP3 AudioCD
$37.95 CAD
Apple and the Arrow
$13.95 CAD
Arctic Explorer: The Story of Matthew Henson
$10.95 CAD
Art Adventures At Home Level 3
$34.95 CAD
Art Part Creation to 100 BC
$18.95 CAD
Artist of the Reformation
$11.95 CAD
Assumptions That Affect Our Lives Z
$17.96 CAD $19.95 CAD
At the Back of the North Wind (illustrated by Arthur Hughes)
$22.95 CAD
At the Back of the North Wind (illustrated by Jessie Willcox Smith)
$35.95 CAD
At the Back of the North Wind (simplified by Elizabeth Lewis)
$16.95 CAD
$24.26 CAD $26.95 CAD
Auntie Claus Deluxe Edition
$24.50 CAD
Autism's Hidden Blessings
$22.05 CAD $24.50 CAD
Awesome Good Clean Jokes for Kids
$7.65 CAD $8.50 CAD
Awesome Science: Explore Meteor Crater and Petrified Forest
$10.25 CAD $20.50 CAD
B is for Bee, P is for Pollen
$25.95 CAD
Baby Blessings Christmas Z
$11.66 CAD $12.95 CAD
Battle Over a Prince
$17.95 CAD
Battling the Commander: The Hidden Cave
$7.95 CAD
Be Still & Know
$12.15 CAD $13.50 CAD
Be the Mom
$14.95 CAD
Beanstalk: The Measure of a Giant
$8.95 CAD
Beautiful in God's Eyes
$17.50 CAD
Beautifully Made! Book 3: Wisdom From A Woman - Mother's Guide
$8.95 CAD
Becoming God's Champion
$17.06 CAD $18.95 CAD
Beethoven You Love Z
$4.50 CAD $5.00 CAD
Beezus and Ramona
$8.50 CAD
Before FIAR Story Books Only Bundle
$258.16 CAD $271.75 CAD
Beggar's Bible
$13.50 CAD
Beginner's Photography Guide 2nd Edition
$26.50 CAD
Behind Rebel Lines
$10.95 CAD
Bein' a Grandparent Ain't for Wimps
$13.95 CAD
Being Human Z
$19.76 CAD $21.95 CAD
Berenstain Bears Old Hat New Hat Board Book
$6.50 CAD
Best of Debussy Z
$9.22 CAD $10.25 CAD
Best of Mad Libs
$8.96 CAD $9.95 CAD
Best of the Digital Photography Step by Step Secrets Make Your Photos Look like the Pros!
$32.95 CAD
Best-Loved Doll
$11.95 CAD
$29.50 CAD
Betsy and the Emperor
$9.50 CAD
Between Two Worlds Z
$11.95 CAD
Beware, Princess Elizabeth
$11.95 CAD
Beyond Survival: A Guide To Abundant-Life Homeschooling
$19.50 CAD
Bible Smuggler
$13.50 CAD
Big Blue Book of Beginner Books
$22.95 CAD
Big Book of Math Middle & High School Z
$22.95 CAD
Bighorn Showdowns
$17.96 CAD $19.95 CAD
Birthday Party CD
$11.95 CAD
Black & White Bible, Black & Blue Wife
$19.76 CAD $21.95 CAD