Financial Peace Foundations by Dave Ramsey

Financial Peace Foundations by Dave Ramsey
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NEW Beginnings!

CHER is excited to offer Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Foundations in Personal Finance to Homeschool Families across Canada! I have been waiting for to present this to you for almost a year, and our first shipment of this program sold out in less than a week!

This course is designed to empower students to make sound financial decisions for life. With Dave's engaging and humorous speaking style,
you and your child will find wisdom that will truly benefit your student, your family and you for life. Perhaps even for generations!

This is the premier curriculum for teaching high school students about money. Students experience interactive learning with Dave's practical, down-to-earth style, while parents will appreciate the ease of presentation and knowing that it adheres to US national and state standards.

The Teacher's Pack includes:

  • 4 DVDs of Dave's Teachings

    All lessons are taught by Dave on DVD in 4 distinct units. Each unit contains 3 chapters, featuring several parts each no more than 15 minutes.

  • Teacher's Guide CD-ROM

    All the lesson plans, activities, case studies, syllabi, answer keys, assessments, and additional information to help the teacher implement the curriculum. Also included are actual calls from The Dave Ramsey Show that address issues pertaining to this age group, cooperative and independent student activity ideas, case studies reflecting real-life examples, and extensive review sections.

  • 1 Student Workbook

    Each student enrolled in the class needs a 224-page Foundations in Personal Finance Workbook. If you have more than one student taking this class, you can order more workbooks.

  • 30+ pages of financial forms, including a student budget

  • 350+ word glossary

Don't forget to order the chapter on giving
Foundations in Personal Finance Chapt 13

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