. Rosetta Stone Homeschool French Levels 1 to 5

. Rosetta Stone Homeschool French Levels 1 to 5
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Includes Audio Companion™

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This complete Rosetta Stone set begins with the fundamentals of French and leads students through intermediate skills to advanced abilities that let them convey complex emotions and ideas. This set also includes resources for parents to help them plan lessons as well as monitor and report on student progress.
Rosetta Stone Homeschool features predefined curriculum paths for learning, so parents can be sure their students are progressing, even if parents don’t speak the language themselves.
Students will immerse themselves completely in the new language using the Rosetta Stone software. And when students are on the go, they can reinforce what they learn with Audio Companion CDs. Ambitious and advanced learners don’t have to stop when they complete their computer lessons with Rosetta Stone. Audio Companion lets them access lessons whenever and wherever they want. Audio Companion enhances the language-learning experience anywhere that students can use a CD or MP3 player. Audio Companion features distinct words and shorter phrases to make them easier to hear and repeat. Students will build good enunciation habits by hearing native speakers pronounce new vocabulary first. The speaking portion of Audio Companion lets learners listen to questions and answers, repeating them to use later. To help them build conversational skills, first they will listen to a conversation and then repeat phrases individually.
Audio Companion activities correspond to Rosetta Stone computer-based lessons. Listen to Audio Companion and practice the content learned on the computer, turning travel time into productive language learning time.

This complete Rosetta Stone Homeschool foreign language curriculum, enhanced with Audio Companion CDs, includes everything your students need to begin learning French, as well as tools that help you plan lessons, monitor and report your students’ progress.

Licensed for single family use, and comes with Student Management software and ancillary written materials.

Don't you think Rosetta Stone is a very fitting name for a language program? I certainly do. After all, the original Rosetta Stone included 2 different languages (Egyptian and Greek), with 3 different scripts (hieroglyphic, demotic and Greek) which had scholars puzzling for hundreds of years. Although the original stone was completed in 196 BC, the knowledge of how to read and write them disappeared. It was left undiscovered until 1799 when the skilled French linguist French deSacy identified the symbols which comprised the word Ptolemy and Alexander. This established a relationship between the symbols and sounds. It wasn't until 1822 when the British scientist Thomas Young and the French scholar Jean-François Champollion contributed greatly to the deciphering of the principles of hieroglyph. Rosetta Stone Homeschool Language Learning Curriculum helps me as a student of a language and as a parent and grandparent to decipher a new language and make sense of it all. Truly remarkable.

Windows 2000, XP or Vista; Mac OS 10.4 or later; 512 MB RAM; 600 MB free hard-drive space (per level); 16-bit sound card; 800 x 600 display resolution (1024 x 768 recommended); Internet or phone connection required for activation. Speech recognition feature requires a headset microphone (USB headset microphone included.)

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Picture of . Rosetta Stone Homeschool French Levels 1 to 5
. Rosetta Stone Homeschool French Levels 1 to 5
. Rosetta Stone Homeschool French Levels 1 to 5

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